sidewalks & streetlamps

by haikus

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released January 12, 2012

recorded in various bedrooms between 2010-2012




haikus Baltimore, Maryland

Here's to The Wait.

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Track Name: sidewalks & streetlamps
we climbed the stairs up to the roof
where we walked around and talked
about how we’d never feel the same again
like a pair of doves, taking flight
to the sight of shadows

on sidewalks and streetlamps
no way to go home again

and on the lawn, we ran so fast
to what, i don’t know, from what had past

on sidewalks, and streetlamps
no way to go home again

but in the silence of your reverie
a patient being, spinning out of control,

but you learn to control it, holding it down
and holding it down,
but your light still breaks forth

on sidewalks, and streetlamps
the way to go home again.
Track Name: blur
i didn’t go away
just took my time in weathering the storm
and sure, i took my time to say
that i was on my way back home

and i’m sorry that wasn’t clear
and i’m sorry you didn’t hear

i’m just trying to build my way,
like the mouse who built his house
i the space between our road and the mailbox

i made it this far
i won’t run out and get killed by oncoming traffic
we made it this far
i had to write it all down and tell somebody what happened

i just want to go back home
and read about the trees
and think about how on my walk
you couldn’t see me

i’m as dark as the night, you’ll need a spark to find me
and you are a little light, but i’d rather stay a blur